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Stuart L. Koman, Ph.D., Partner

Stuart L. Koman, Ph.D., Partner 

Stuart Koman is a management consultant with more than twenty years in the field of behavioral healthcare prior to launching Koman Associates.  Direct experience as a provider, manager, and developer of behavioral healthcare services is the foundation for all of the products and services that he now delivers.  His experiences as an owner of a large New England based treatment and management services company has provided a unique perspective, an appreciation for the difficulties posed and the skill required to implement organizational change and thrive in a constantly shifting environment. His experience as a purchaser of consulting services has shaped a personal ethos for ensuring that value is received in each engagement.  

In the ten-year period 1985 to 1995, Stu Koman led two different behavioral healthcare companies to startling clinical and financial success.  The first company, Charles River Health Management (CRHM) grew out of the work of Dr. Koman and others in developing innovative treatment models for adolescents in private inpatient settings.  Dr. Koman and his colleagues were among the first to recognize the central importance of the family in the therapeutic design, an idea that is now so basic to best practice that it seems astounding that separating children from their families had been the standard treatment approach  (See Handbook of Adolescents and Family Therapy, M.Mirkin and S.Koman (eds.), Allen and Bacon, New York, 1986).  Under Dr. Komanís leadership, CRHM expanded rapidly by applying the lessons learned to a more disadvantaged public sector population and created alternative programs and levels of care averting the need for and limiting the use of inpatient treatment. New clinical models were designed to work across multiple reimbursement environments and bring new partners to the expansion effort. Major accomplishments included the first privatization of a state hospital program in Massachusetts and the development of the first home-based treatment program for families with troubled teens. The company, a subsidiary of Community Care Systems, Inc. grew from start-up to $10M in less than five years and was profitable in every year of operation during Dr.Komanís tenure.  

Choate Health Systems, Inc. (CHSI), Dr. Komanís next venture in partnership with a physician colleague, was founded in 1990.  Anticipating the needs and demands of a managed care environment, Choate set out to develop three related but autonomous business lines.  The business plan included providing integrated delivery of behavioral healthcare through a full continuum of treatment services operating under one administration; contract management of behavioral healthcare services in acute hospitals (i.e. often in distressed condition); and delivery of managed care support services such as triage and assessment and prior approval. Clinical innovation was much valued. Among the new services offered were a full continuum of care for individuals with dual diagnosis (mental health/substance abuse), mobile urgent care services 24 hours per day, short term non-hospital residential programs for individuals in crisis, ambulatory detoxification programs, and intensive outpatient programs for individuals with similar clinical needs. CHSIís rapid expansion led to the formation of Choate Health Management, Inc. (CHMI) and Choate Psychiatric Associates, P.C. (CPA).  CHMI focused on the contract management and managed care support services.  CPA, a private group practice, served as a vehicle for provision of professional and medical services to all the Choate affiliates.  CHMI and CPA were sold to Merit Behavioral Care, Inc. now a subsidiary of Magellan Behavioral Health (NYSE) in late 1995. At the time of the sale, the three Choate entities had approximately $40 million in revenue and served some 30,000 consumers annually through its treatment programs and management services operating in ten states. 

After leaving Merit and Choate in 1997, Dr. Koman formed Koman Associates, an independent consulting firm that works with management in large organizations to plan and implement change strategies.  This diverse practice seeks opportunities to utilize the array of capabilities and skills developed in business and clinical practice.  Behavioral Health consultation continues as a primary interest and accounts for about two thirds of the projects now accepted.  Recent consulting engagements include: 


Development of a long term managed care plan for SPMI for the State of Delaware

Development and implementation of a restructuring plan for a large provider of behavioral health care services in New Jersey

Assessment of staffing and programming and assistance in developing a division strategic plan for child psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Analysis and development of a restructuring plan for delivery of all public mental health services through a single point of entry for the greater Anchorage area, State of Alaska

Evaluation and re-design of a quality management program, Children Services of Roxbury, Boston, Ma.

Koman Associates also provides an array of executive coaching services to industry and business through its association with Executive Performance Consultants, inc., Newton, Ma.

For inquiries about engagements utilizing Dr. Koman, please click on the Consulting Services button and follow the directions. For more information regarding Koman Associates, Inc., please click the ďResourcesĒ button and find the Partner Organizations section.


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